Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Every Day Advices # 1

typographical exercise to discipline my weaker self...
(colored pencil on transparent paper)


bought a "bouqet sketch pad set of 7" by fabriano. each pad has a different paper. classy!

sketchbook scan

A few days ago I read "Habibi" by Craig Thompson...

I have no suitable words for this book... it trapped me within the first pages and kept me marveling, staggered and somehow bitter-sweet suffering through 4 or 5 hours of constantly reading - couldn't stop it.
Deep admiration, speechless, stunned... and untamed euphoria!

Inspired me to do this drawing.

I have so much to learn...

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

workshop paintings

from a workshop with the great french artist dominique goblet
an unusual way to work: avoid lines, define the forms only with space

a good advice from miss goblet: "when you're dry out of inspiration, just take one picture and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it!" anytime something will happen!

zombie sketches

of the 200 drawing series...

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012


another exercise for "storytellers" seminar. a fellow student wrote a short text (he called "Ergotismus") about this picture of mine:
my turn was to create a short comic with two pages out of his text:

today's challenge: reduce and concentrate the comic to one page
and maybe unravel some cryptic elements.