Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

Art Noveau Birthday Present

Art Noveau Stile of Alfons Mucha for a very good friend of mine
made with pencil, water color and colored crayon

Workshop Diceindustries

In our class we had a three day workshop with the artist "diceindustries" from Tonto Comics. He's a really nice guy from Hamburg who works within the shallows between comics and liberal arts. His working method was totally new and a challenge for me... but after some failed attempts i finally made this four panels which come from the sentence: "A dream of power is shattered."

scissors, glue and LTB

Samstag, 7. September 2013

Portraits On Table-Cloths

when i saw those wedding table-cloths i thought they would make great picture frames...

made with colored crayon

No Brains Left

my participation for the first issue of a political zine me made in our class...

thoughts about water usage
classical style with quill & ink

Horror Illustrations: H.P. Lovecraft

The Rats In The Walls


Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Horror Illustrations - Edgar Allan Poe

The Masque Of The Red Death

process sketch

final version

fineliner, copic & aquarell

another illustration

made with ball pen & colored crayon

Horror Illustrations - H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft

Dunwich Horror
pencil sketch

The Rats In The Walls
pencil sketch
 red ink

Sonntag, 21. April 2013

w2027 - a transmedial project

what if we got visited by some extraterrestrial intelligence and the whole world changes from one day to the next...? a couple of students from bayreuth imagined a shattering scenario in their project called "w2027"... 
it will be an open world where you can share your ideas, create your own stories (in your own way, free to choose whatever media/ technique you like) to enrich this story-universe, make it multifaceted and authentic.

i've drawn a comic about the beginning, the initial point of this story. it's a kind of summary about the alien invasion and shows dramatical changes and how the people may deal with it. 

the following pictures are just details. 
the whole thing will be published on: -  stay tuned!

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

out in the dark

first draft
watercolor and crayon

a lot more crayon and color correction with ps

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Christmas Present

i made a picture with ink & quill as a christmas present for my father... it tells a story about a child, who falls asleep and dreams of a journey full of adventures...