Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Sketch for "The Blind Hessians"

Sketch for a illustration of a Thuringian myth "The blind Hessians"
Legend has it, that one day, as the Hessian knights besieged (my hometown) Mühlhausen and nearly overcame the brave Thuringians - the clever women of Mühlhausen came up with the idea of using stakes and pegs and dress them like soldiers and mercenaries. The Hessians - weakened by the siege and too blind to see the ruse of war - folded up their tents and fled the battlefield.

The Colonial School In Witzenhausen

So this is one Page from a comic i am currently working on about the Kolonialschule in Witzenhausen. Yes, there is this village called "Witzenhausen" and there was this school, teaching the future "culture pioneers" how to sow and harvest in exotical foreign countries. These days the former colonial school is now an institute of tropical agriculture (
We gained access to the local archives and rummaged through the files of students, teachers and staff.

My Comic is set in the early 30's and deals with two students of the colonial school.

El Eternauta

Participation for a comic book hommage for El Eternauta - a spanish science-fiction comic

The God In The Machine

Some kind of Trailer i did for a bigger comic which lurks behind my forehead...
made with ballpen

Process "The God In The Machine"

 Sketches and notes for my comic "The God In The Machine"
followed by the storyboard

Annie Dog

Process "Annie Dog"

The Miracle Of Gottsbüren

It's done! Here are some excerpts from my comic about the hessian legend of Gottsbüren... 
the whole story will be published in an anthology, the "Incubator" - its a book about comic educational institutions around the world.