Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

"The Puzzle Incident"

preparing a special birthday present for a very special someone...
two opponents, one goal: finishing the freakin' puzzle at first!

by gathering mental puzzle power, the battle of brains begins...

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2016

making a book end paper

I made this for "Raus Rein" a book about the former colonial-school in Witzenhausen which has been published by the Avant-Verlag - probably my most favourite german publishing company, who do lovely comics.
first try with pencils

the single tile

just the color flats, the final pattern. you might glimpse some irregularities...
For this book i also did a comic and some illustrations. It provides some kind of a tentative entry point for a rough and really monstrous issue like colonialism.

Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Post Its and Felt Pens

creation gods

"Da war das ruhende All. Kein Hauch. Kein Laut. Reglos und schweigend die Welt. Und des Himmels Raum war leer.
Noch war der Erde Antlitz nicht enthüllt. Nur das sanfte Meer war da und des Himmels weiter Raum.
Unbeweglich und stumm war die Nacht, die Finsternis.

Aber im Wasser, umflossen von Licht, waren die Götter.
Unter grünen und blauen Federn waren sie verborgen..."
(aus dem Popol Vuh, das Buch des Rates)

Dienstag, 22. März 2016

maya sketchbook

Left: A Jaguar priest is holding a jade bead necklace.
Right: "Wacah Chan" - the Worldtree, which roots are reaching the black waters of the underworld "Xibalba". 
It's stock is growing where mankind lives and it's branches are touching the ancestral heaven.

maya comic

i'm currently working on my graduation project: a comic about the ancient maya.
this is the wall beneath my working place, turning into a mood board, steadily growing...

some kind of visual synopsis of the mayan class society,
at least as i understood it...

one of the first sketches i inked with quill, in a tiny little sketchbook

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

linocut: maya rituals

first draft

A priest is performing a ritual at the top of a pyramid. He is burning Copal to make a sacrifice to the gods. For the smoke of the incense tastes like sweet molasses in a gods mouth. And one of them answers his prayers: Kinich Ahau, the mighty sun-god. You can recognize him by the symbols on his arms and legs. His squared pupils give indication of his divinity.

finishing "Kameraden"

finishing page of my comic about the colonial school in Witzenhausen
- fineliner and pentel brush pen -